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Re: [tor-talk] U-tube new-er denial criteria?

- Complain to google which owns youtube and tell them to allow Tor traffic (because this is not Tor issue).

- Use one of the instance from Invidious project:(or build your own instance)


- Not anonymity option (but i think watching youtube/google is already anonymity fuck due to Javascript): Use VPN (whether your own server or subscribing to a company). You can combine Tor with VPN as you -> Tor -> VPN. Again not anonymity option just circumvent the issue of Tor blockage done by youtube/google.

Quite recently, youtube has started showing more messages than in the
past, similar to: "Uh-oh We detected some unusual activity from your
address."  Once that happens, changing clearing all data, a new identity
& changing exit relays to other countries & IPa's (3, 5 or 10x) rarely

Sometimes it mentions "too many requests," but often not.  When it does,
it has to be others assigned the same relay as me, also visiting youtube
within a short period.

The "block" popups often show before I've looked at any or maybe one video.
They aren't age restricted or possibly offensive vids.  I've rarely seen
msgs: "Not available in your locale."

Seems this increased since last TBB update, more than I remember for
years. That could be coincidence, but...

It doesn't seem to matter if I have exits in US, CA, DE, UK - or others.
It's possible that exit relays from well behaved, but higher Tor use
countries or faster, higher use relays are hurting me instead of
helping?  Though I'm not selecting or excluding individual exits.

It's now sometimes happening after I close TBB completely, wait 10+
min., then make sure my exits AREN'T from same countries as when they
blocked me, by using custom torrc files.

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