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Re: [tor-talk] One Less Site Blocking Tor (Browser)

On 10/6/20 1:21 PM, Gaba wrote:
On 10/6/20 10:10 AM, Drew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
On my next trip to the store I talked with the person at the customer
service area, gave them my printout, and tried to explain how great
Tor is. It was a good conversation and since the guy was interested
in computers we hit it off, and he learned a few things.
It wasn’t until a month or two later I used Tor Browser to look at their website. I was very pleased they’d stopped blocking Tor exit nodes. And I’m pleased to report they still don’t block Tor.

Great story! thanks for sharing it here.
Excellent that the business had a local store & not too far?
Was it by any chance a locally owned store, not a chain or big corp? 
I'm not sure that many large co's could or would change their policy
that fast - if it was THEIR policy, not a contract site maintainer's policy.

Now, only about 999,999,999 more sites to go that block TBB.

I've done similar things about TBB, but totally via the web. Mostly, I
don't get replies.
I don't look for TBB being accepted to catch on like wild fire, but any
progress is good.
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