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Re: Confused about Tor settings

 --- Starshadow <starshadow10101@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

> "Newer Firefoxes have the ability to send DNS
> resolves through the socks
> proxy, and Torbutton will make use of this feature
> if it is available in
> your version of Firefox."
> The tor configuration help page doesn't take this
> into account.

Bear with me; you guys are explaining electronics to a
dog here..but aren't some people e.g. Claude, saying
that SOCKS can still leak DNS?  I don't know how to
set Mac Tiger's firewall to block 'Claude's' UDP port
53. I can see the option to block all UDP. But I think
Tiger's firewall is blocking everything on its list
anyway including ftp (although the "use passive ftp
mode" is ticked). Would it be safer re DNS leaks, if
not needing ftp, to use the original configuration and
point ftp and Gopher at Port 8118 and let them fail?
Would that solve the problem of DNS leaks? Or am I
still barking up the wrong tree? :)

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