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Re: Confused about Tor settings

Hi  *jon smith*   :

> Bear with me; you guys are explaining electronics to a
> dog here..but aren't some people e.g. Claude, saying
> that SOCKS can still leak DNS?  

The DNS leaking comes from the application itself, 
not socks...

If I don't block the internet access to the port 53 in UDP, 
Firefox send a DNS request and the socks setup is no taking in account...

It's seems that socks are not completly supported by Firefox.
(on Windows XP only ???? )

This can be checked on W xp with a (good) firewall log 
or with a packet sniffer such as Ethereal or Packtyzer.

> I don't know how to
> set Mac Tiger's firewall to block 'Claude's' UDP port
> 53. I can see the option to block all UDP. But I think
> Tiger's firewall is blocking everything on its list
> anyway including ftp (although the "use passive ftp
> mode" is ticked). Would it be safer re DNS leaks, if
> not needing ftp, to use the original configuration and
> point ftp and Gopher at Port 8118 and let them fail?
> Would that solve the problem of DNS leaks? Or am I
> still barking up the wrong tree? :)

I guess there is no relation between Ftp (active or passive mode) 
and DNS leaks.

I checked with Google to find a sample ruleset for ipfw
but it's seems that only the packets are filtered not a specific
application. So how to do this? I have no idea ...  :-(

In this example I found no way to block a port/protocol to a specific application...

Claude LaFrenière