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Re: Confused about Tor settings

Hi  *glymr*   :

> i'm pretty sure someone has written some dns proxy that queries through
> tor, i have a vague memory that it was only implemented in windows
> however. i'm going to look into this because i think it'd be rather cool
> to actually resolve all dns queries through tor, although sometimes that
> may wind up with different ip addresses depending on the exit node doing
> the query.

Yes. There is Trans-Proxy_tor for "W" 

But the "W" implementation is buggy...
The service (demon) do not start correctly: it's stay in "starting" state,
not "started"...
It's not easy to find a "universal" solution for DNS thru Tor in "W" :
It's a closed source OS and not well documented. 
[The MSDN documentation looks to be written by and for "E.T." !!! ;-)  ]

May be it's possible to review the source and fix the problem but the
last time I compile programs was in 1984 in Cobol and Pascal...  :-(((

I'll try JanusVM :
Works on VMware...


Claude LaFrenière