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Re: EXPERIMENTAL Windows binary for; please let us know if it works.

Hi  *Nick Mathewson and other Tor users*   :)

> Please let us know whether it works for you.  Especially, please let
> us know if works for you, but this package fails.
> Please *don't* spam the list with "it worked"/"it didn't work" mails,
> or people will think you didn't read these instructions.  :)

Version works for me with no problem.

Here some feedback about the new version of Tor ( for W32 

Typical error messages are: 

"instructions at address 0x0012e7a7 use memory address 0x00000800. 
Memory can't be read"
at boot time,

"Impossible to start Tor Win32 Service on local computer, Error 2 : 
specified file not found."
if I try to start the service manually.

1- The reason of these error messages are:

The command line of Tor when running as service (demon) is:

"C:\Program Files\Tor\tor.exe" --nt-service -f "C:\Program Files\Tor\torrc"

but the typical Tor installation keep the config files in this folder:
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Tor

[The user name "administrator" may be different from one system to an


Did the torrc file [and the other files of this folder] 
must be copied from here:
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrateur\Application Data\Tor\torrc
to there:
C:\Program Files\TOR


Did we have to changed torrc ImagePath of the service in the registry 

C:\Program Files\tor
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrateur\Application Data\Tor\torrc  



There is no "ControlPort 9051" at the end of this command line
like when we run Tor as user program instead of NT Service...

"C:\Program Files\Tor\tor.exe" --nt-service -f "C:\Program Files\Tor\torrc"
"C:\Program Files\Tor\tor.exe" --nt-service -f "C:/Documents and
Settings/Administrateur/Application Data/Tor/torrc"

instead of that:

"C:\Program Files\Tor\tor.exe"  -f "C:/Documents and
Settings/Administrateur/Application Data/Tor/torrc" ControlPort 9051

Did we have to add "ControlPort 9051" to the command line ?

2- At the startup the Tor service and Vidalia start very fast
   and makes access to the Tor network (That's very good !!!)
   (As I can see with my firewall log for example...)
   Vidalia can not update automatically the new IP address
   and this must be done manually ...
When The Ip address is manually changed in Vidalia it's updated in message log.
   But Did it is updated in the Tor network too ? I'm not sure of this...
   in Vidalia | Network Map
   No connections are shown except <empty>
   No connections are build according to Vidalia display:
   no internet access are possible thru Tor with a web browser for example

3-  When Tor is stopped from Vidalia the Tor service is stopped 
    but Vidalia shows "Tor is stopping" and remain in this state...

4- The log in stdout do not give typical informations such as Server
fingerprint, OR and DIR port reacheable and so on...

5- If you want to save the Vidalia log file to C:\Program
Files\TOR\Tor-log.txt  you have to create Tor-log.txt manually 
*before* saving the log there  otherwise this crash Vidalia (not Tor).

6- The Vidalia "New Look" and features are Super! 
   (The french version was fixed too : thank you !  :-)  )
7- When the new version of Vidalia and Tor for W32 is *not* running 
as NT Service but as user program, Tor run with no problem.

Hope this help.
Claude LaFrenière