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Lynx and links: was Re: reporter from The Economist in Thailand seeks help / new Tor guide is up

On Tue, 2006-10-31 at 06:26, Ricardo Lee wrote:
> On 10/31/06, George Shaffer <George.Shaffer@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>         On Mon, 2006-10-30 at 21:46, Tim McCormack wrote:
>         > Chris Willis wrote:
>         > > NO browser (cept maybe a text browser in BSD or something)
>         is really
>         > > 100% safe on its own.  Firefox has lots of
>         vulnerabilities, just like 
>         > > IE.
>         > . . .
>         > I agree about the text browser -- I should really
>         familiarize myself
>         > with Lynx.
>         Continuing now OT thread:
>         Lynx has its uses, . . . Lynx takes some getting 
>         used to.
>         Lynx is not simple. . . 
> Continuing the OT: and what about links?? it has "graphical" support,
> such as frames, pics...

More OT: I was simply commenting on the text browser being discussed,
lynx. links, aka elinks, is clearly better than lynx and eliminates most
of the problems I mentioned. I'm still not sure why a GUI browser, with
all active content disabled and a good cookie policy isn't generally
better though. I am not anti text browsers. In fact I developed my
website, http://geodsoft.com/, to work with lynx (before links was
available) and every browser I could test with. lynx and not links comes
with OpenBSD. If links comes with your system, then it would be faster
than configuring a second GUI browser (or setting up an alternate
Firefox profile). Be sure to disable cookie saving because links default
is to accept and save all cookies. All cookies will then act as session
cookies. ('o' for options, highlight "Cookies", press spacebar,
highlight "Saving", Edit, change 1 to 0, OK, Save)

George Shaffer.