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Re: reporter from The Economist in Thailand seeks help / new Tor guide is up

Try links. You can find it at http://links.sourceforge.net/
It is a better text only browser than Lynx.  I always use it when
searching things on the web.
Fast (even faster with keyboard), reliable and secure!


George Shaffer skrev:
> On Mon, 2006-10-30 at 21:46, Tim McCormack wrote:
>> Chris Willis wrote:
>>> NO browser (cept maybe a text browser in BSD or something) is really
>>> 100% safe on its own.  Firefox has lots of vulnerabilities, just like
>>> IE.
>> . . .
>> I agree about the text browser -- I should really familiarize myself
>> with Lynx.
> Continuing now OT thread:
> Lynx has its uses, but anyone used to modern browsers is likely to find
> it frustrating. Lynx is not just text only in that it does not display
> graphics but is text based and runs in a text window (terminal). It does
> not recognize tables, and most modern web pages are built in tables,
> allowing the standard page and navigation elements, to be arranged above
> or to the left of the main page content. This means as you read the
> source, these come before the main text content. That is how Lynx
> displays the page (as it is sequentially arranged in the source file) ;
> the main page content is usually between a screenful or more of standard
> items and links and more of this at the bottom. A page as simple as
> Google's home page takes 13 tabs or down arrows to reach the search
> field. Yahoo, on the other hand recognizes it has received a request
> from a text browser, and sends a different page where the search field
> is the first item on the page after "Yahoo". Lynx takes some getting
> used to.
> Lynx is not simple. It's default configuration file is 140K, but mostly
> explanatory comments. It has about 135 options. I don't know that you
> can assume it's 100% safe. If you eliminate all active content from your
> current browser, or install an alternate browser (e.g., Netscape, Opera)
> and disable all active content, and severely control cookies, wouldn't
> that do what Lynx is intended to do while still seeing most web pages,
> more or less as intended?
> George Shaffer