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Re: Torbutton 1.1.8-alpha (Usability improvements)

> So what does this mean to you with respect to cookie clearing? Should
> a newnym signal always clear cookies? Should it sometimes clear
> cookies? Should its behavior be tied to an existing torbutton cookie
> preference?

"Newnym" is a tor-level action to change streams.
"Clear cookies" is a torbutton-level action to clear out cookies

I think it sounds like you want an action at torbutton that does both.
I personally use vidalia's "new identity" a lot, a lot more than I
clear cookies.

I think that "new user" in torbutton should clear any per-session cookie.
I think that it should be possible to specify specific cookies to be
preserved across a "new user", as well as others that should be

Firefox has the problem that if you clear cookies from a site, that
site is permanently blocked from sending cookies. Again, I want to
convert "permanent" cookies into session cookies, but still keep some
-- at my choice, not at the website's choice -- as permanent.

Got a cookie manager that does that?