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Re: Torbutton 1.1.8-alpha (Usability improvements)

> The way I see it there are two reasons to use NewNym:
> 1) To change ones's pseudonym identity (IP address of
> exit node) to a new pseudonym identity.  In this case
> all cookies, cache, etc should be cleared to insure
> the new pseudonym identity is not correlated to the
> old pseudonym identity.
> 2) To try and find a faster circuit when the current
> one is too slow.  When I am surfing and my browsing
> session seems too slow (even for Tor) I may use NewNym
> in the hope the next circuit will be faster (which
> generally seems to be the case).
> In either case NewNym (New Identity) should be used
> with care.  I think most non-tech Tor users do not
> fully grasp issues/concerns with NewNym.  It seems
> many Tor users view it as a silver bullet that will
> automatically increase anonymity.

The big issue that I am aware of is that lots of "new circuits" cause
CPU overhead. Some sites are CPU bound, and are hurt by that.

> > Firefox has the problem that if you clear cookies
> > from a site, that site is permanently blocked from
> > sending cookies.
> Not sure what you mean here.  I clear cookies after
> each time I use yahoo and yahoo is still able to send
> me new cookies.

Really? For me, if I remove a cookie, that site is prohibited from
sending me any cookie after that. Caused me all sorts of problems
until I realized this (I used to clean my cookies out regularly).