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Re: Torbutton 1.1.8-alpha (Usability improvements)

--- Michael_google gmail_Gersten <keybounce@xxxxxxxxx>

> I personally use vidalia's "new identity" a lot, a
> lot more than I clear cookies.

The way I see it there are two reasons to use NewNym:

1) To change ones's pseudonym identity (IP address of
exit node) to a new pseudonym identity.  In this case
all cookies, cache, etc should be cleared to insure
the new pseudonym identity is not correlated to the
old pseudonym identity.

2) To try and find a faster circuit when the current
one is too slow.  When I am surfing and my browsing
session seems too slow (even for Tor) I may use NewNym
in the hope the next circuit will be faster (which
generally seems to be the case).

In either case NewNym (New Identity) should be used
with care.  I think most non-tech Tor users do not
fully grasp issues/concerns with NewNym.  It seems
many Tor users view it as a silver bullet that will
automatically increase anonymity.

> Firefox has the problem that if you clear cookies
> from a site, that site is permanently blocked from
> sending cookies.

Not sure what you mean here.  I clear cookies after
each time I use yahoo and yahoo is still able to send
me new cookies.


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