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Re: Why error when I buildTor on windows

On 10/5/07, phobos@xxxxxxxxxx <phobos@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 05, 2007 at 02:08:50AM +0800, baidufantuan@xxxxxxxxx wrote 17K bytes in 222 lines about:
> : I use microsoft visual studio 2005 on windows XP.
> : Who can tell me what should I do?
> Use the same tools we do is all I can say for now:
> https://tor.eff.org/svn/trunk/doc/tor-win32-mingw-creation.txt
> --
> Andrew

I think there is a little change required to files
package_nsis-mingw.sh and tor-mingw.nsi.in.

$ ./contrib/package_nsis-mingw.sh
Can't open doc/spec/control-spec-v0.txt: No such file or directory.
Can't open doc/spec/dir-spec-v1.txt: No such file or directory.
cp: cannot stat `doc/design-paper/tor-design.pdf': No such file or directory
Can't open doc/tor-reference.html: No such file or directory.
Can't open doc/tor-resolve.html: No such file or directory.
File: "..\doc\spec\control-spec-v0.txt" -> no files found.
Usage: File [/nonfatal] [/a] ([/r] [/x filespec [...]] filespec [...] |
   /oname=outfile one_file_only)
Error in script "contrib/tor-mingw.nsi.in" on line 106 -- a

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