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Setting up a private tor network

I am trying to setup a private tor network and followed all the steps mentioned in the FAQ list. Now when i start running the network initially it used to run properly. But nowadays when i start the network is says do not have enough directory information to build circuits. I tried commenting that part out from the code so that it could build circuits all the time, but then it says the directory info is too old to build circuits. And the problem is these things keep popping up now and then. It works well for a while but if i end up stopping the network and restarting again then it gives this problem again.
I am actually using tor to implement certain things on top of it and hence have the requirement of killing and restarting the tor nodes frequently.
Is there anyway i could setup static circuits for a while or reduce the directory requirements so that a smal private network runs seemlessly?
Thanks for your help in advance.