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Re: peculiar behavior this a.m.

     On Wed, 31 Oct 2007 21:59:53 +0100 "vikingserver@xxxxxxxxx"
<vikingserver@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>My server also had the "I learned some more directory information, but
>not enough to build a circuit." problem today.
>It continued for a long while, so I tried to restart Tor and it worked.
>The problem with the "I learned some more directory information, but not
>enough to build a circuit." message coming again and again without any
>good reason has happened before. Restarting Tor generally works, but not
>always the first time.
>I guess I don't need to show my logs as they are just like Scott
>Bennett's logs, full of "I learned some more directory information, but
>not enough to build a circuit."
>BTW the problem is not with Vidalia, as I don't use Vidalia anylonger
>because of all the incompatibility problems between Tor alpha 0206-0209
>and recent Vidalia versions.

     I should mention that I only use Vidalia when I run tor under WinXP,
which was not the case that produced the log messages.  I no longer run
tor in server mode under WinXP, only in client mode long enough to download
updates to security software.  My tor server runs under FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE.
I haven't succeeded in compiling Vidalia under FreeBSD, so I can't use it.
>Seems like the alpha releases recently really have been true alpha, and
>not beta releases called alpha. ;-)

     ;-} Indeed, yet they don't seem to be any worse than the "stable"
versions.  Makes me wonder about the wisdom of maintaining two branches
of code that are effectively both production branches.

>The problem I wrote about previously, with Vidalia and Tor "blocking"
>each other at startup might also be caused by Vidalia, but since 0206 (I
>believe) they have been "blocking" each other in some way resulting in
>nearly 100% CPU sometimes and unresponsive programs. But that's probably
>a completely different problem.

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