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Re: Setting up a private tor network

I am using I am planning to run an application over tor so i was not sure puppetor will work. I think i will try using that. My problem is that the logs say that there is enough directory information but still it does not try to make a circuit. I changed the code so that it builds circuits all the time. But, it is like tor is not running at all. It is supposed to make a circuit once it gets directory information but is not doing so. Are there any reasons why it is not able to do so?

On 10/7/07, Karsten Loesing <karsten.loesing@xxxxxxx > wrote:
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Hi Shreyas,

> But nowadays when i start the network is says do not
> have enough directory information to build circuits.

Which Tor version do you use? I had a potentially related problem with
the current trunk version that had to do with private IP addresses and
the directories. You could try to set the new config option
"ClientDNSRejectInternalAddresses" to 0. That option is not described in
the wiki, yet. But I'm not sure if that will solve your problem, too.

Apart from that you might consider using PuppeTor for creating private
Tor network configurations and running whatever you want to test in it.
We developed it for testing and measuring hidden-service related things,
but it could also be useful for you. It also contains all our wisdom
measured in necessary configuration options and sending HUP signals to
create private Tor networks. You can find it here:


- --Karsten
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