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Re: Setting up a private tor network

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> I am using I am planning to run an application over tor so i was
> not sure puppetor will work. I think i will try using that.

Then you might encounter problems with, because PuppeTor is
configured to be used with the development versions. This is kind of a
dilemma: Newer Tor version require certain configuration options to be
used in a private setting which are not understood by older Tor
versions. So, you will need to remove some configuration strings before
being able to use PuppeTor with Or use the trunk version. Or I
could include a version check and select configurations appropriately --

You could also use PuppeTor only to establish and initialize private
network configurations, without performing actual test. Afterwards, you
can re-use the working directories with their configuration files and
state files and start the Tor processes on your own. Up to you.

> My problem is
> that the logs say that there is enough directory information but still it
> does not try to make a circuit. I changed the code so that it builds
> circuits all the time. But, it is like tor is not running at all. It is
> supposed to make a circuit once it gets directory information but is not
> doing so. Are there any reasons why it is not able to do so?

Hard to say without your log files. From PuppeTor I know that newly
configurated private Tor networks require multiple reloads before being
stable. And this process also fails quite often.

In general you should not have to change the Tor code to create a
private Tor network. Maybe your changes are what prevents Tor from
working properly?!

Could you try whether PuppeTor is able to create a private network
configuration for you -- with your changed and the unchanged Tor? If you
have specific questions on PuppeTor, e.g. how to configure it for, you could also mail me off the list. And if this all fails,
you could post a link to your info-level log files here.

- --Karsten
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