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Re: An other tor-proxy

On Sat, Oct 27, 2007 at 09:24:56PM +0200, tor-admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote 0.7K bytes in 21 lines about:
: we like the idea of https://tor-proxy.net and we setup an other 
: TOR-proxy and an I2P-proxy, see:
:    https://www.awxcnx.de/tor-i2p-proxy-en.htm

The cert doesn't automatically validate in any browser I've tried.  

Other comments:

I like the "YOUR DATA:" box, it correctly identifies if I'm using Tor or
not in my quick tests.

: The main goal of our proxy is, to make hidden services (TOR) and 
: eepsites (I2P) accessible by more people. Anonymous surfing is possible 
: too, but not highly recommended.

Why is anonymous surfing not highly recommended?

: Ads, referer, user-agent ... are removed/modified by privoxy, cookies 
: may be removed by activating a checkbox (some sites like hidden 
: messaging need cookies). Java and Javascript has to be disabled in your 
: browser, because we can not do this job.

The link to the "We respect your privacy" image, is only in German.
This may confuse non-German reading users.  The link is
http://www.wirspeichernnicht.de/content/view/10/22/.  Reading through
it, with my poor German skills, makes me think I'm safe (no ip address
logging according to 3.).  Perhaps the Wir logo is well-recognized in
Germany and I'm just new to it.

And one small complaint, it's Tor, not TOR.  

You may want to document how the system is configured, so others can see
what risks exist when using your web site.