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Re: An other tor-proxy

phobos@xxxxxxxxxx schrieb:
The cert doesn't automatically validate in any browser I've tried.

We use a StartCom.org certificate, because we have no more money for thawte or something else. StartCom.org is trusted by Firefox/Iceweasel and Konqueror by default. Sorry.

Other comments:

I like the "YOUR DATA:" box, it correctly identifies if I'm using Tor or
not in my quick tests.

It is not all the time correct, its a quick hack solution based of IP-addresses of exit nodes. We know, someone has a better solution.

Why is anonymous surfing not highly recommended?

See at the website: "But note: the proxy admins of "awxcnx" can read your traffic! We don't have a look at your traffic, but you have to trust."

We think, thats a strong warning.

The link to the "We respect your privacy" image, is only in German.

Yes, it is a german association (AK Vorratsdatenspeicherung) They do not have an english site, same as the second link to the German Privacy Foundation, which supports the server in all kinds. Should we remove the links on english pages?

You may want to document how the system is configured, so others can see
what risks exist when using your web site.

Ok, it comes in a few days.

Thanks for your comments.