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Re: An other tor-proxy

On Mon, Oct 29, 2007 at 06:31:44PM +0100, tor-admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote 1.2K bytes in 35 lines about:
: phobos@xxxxxxxxxx schrieb:
: >The cert doesn't automatically validate in any browser I've tried.  
: We use a StartCom.org certificate, because we have no more money for 
: thawte or something else. StartCom.org is trusted by Firefox/Iceweasel 
: and Konqueror by default. Sorry.

Hmm.  Firefox and Konqueror in opensuse 10.3 gave me errors.

: >Why is anonymous surfing not highly recommended?
: See at the website: "But note: the proxy admins of "awxcnx" can read 
: your traffic! We don't have a look at your traffic, but you have to trust."
: We think, thats a strong warning.

I saw that too.

: >The link to the "We respect your privacy" image, is only in German.
: Yes, it is a german association (AK Vorratsdatenspeicherung) They do not 
: have an english site, same as the second link to the German Privacy 
: Foundation, which supports the server in all kinds. Should we remove the 
: links on english pages?

I'd leave it up for English pages.  I wasn't familiar with Wir, that's