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Re: How to ban many IPs?

Thanks for post.

I know it is solution, but I prefer exit node, because I think it is more universal (it can be used as middleman and also as exit).

There is no question about law (I think there is no problem in my country, expecially when it is university server). It is only about people on university, which are against porn and other non-legal activities. When we will run non-exit router, it is only hiding eyes to problem.

I have one idea, but it is not so clear and systematic. In ExitPolicy mechanism, router have to export all unwanted IPs. But here can be mechanism like ExitPolicy, with one difference. List of banned IPs will not be exported to directory servers, but with attemp to access any resource, exit node will match it with blacklist (can be very, very long). Exit node then return error code to tor client, which will change path (and use different exit node).

I know, I know, it is nasty and Im ashamed for this solution. But it can solve my problem :) with support inside Tor.


2008/10/29 Matt LaPlante <cyberdog3k@xxxxxxxxx>
Personally, I run my tor node as transport only (non-exit).  I can't
risk opening myself up to illegal activities by running an exit node,
but I figure the least I can do is provide decent transport as the
middle-man, and let the people running exit nodes concern themselves
with the legality of the activity.