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Re: How to ban many IPs?

Il 29/10/2008 22:18, slush ha scritto:
> I know it is solution, but I prefer exit node, because I think it is
> more universal (it can be used as middleman and also as exit).
> [...] It is only about
> people on university, which are against porn and other non-legal
> activities.

Cant't you just reject tcp/80 to ban access to websites?

Even an exit node that allows https only (or no http* at all) is still a
great contribution to the network.

P2P over Tor is slow and unpractical, you won't see any real
downloads/uploads on your exit node, only bittorrent *tracker* traffic
sometimes, which is connection metadata. From time to time your network
will receive BayTSP notices for this bittorrent activity, which you
easily discard as incorrect/unsubstantiated/fasle-positive.