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Re: any rough stats on bridges ?

--- On Mon, 10/19/09, Flamsmark <flamsmark@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I think that unless you have a good way of telling specific
> people in the need of a bridge about your bridge without
> telling the world, that you should not consider being a
> bridge,
> Is that a gut feeling, or based on some
> research? What about the ways that we have of selectively
> giving bridges to those who need them? 

Neither.  If you have a selective way of telling 
people you deem "in the need", than you meet my 
criteria.  It would likely be hard for us all to 
meet that criteria though, I don't.  You may tell 
me that you can help me, but then I have to trust 
you, which doesn't really make too much sense.  

And a general mechanism to do this seems 
impossible, doesn't it?  How can you keep a 
secret while telling it to the world.  

Any newcomers to tor who cannot understand the
implications of when they should or should not
be running a bridge are unlikely to understand
the nuances of distributing a secret to those
"in the need" (and by whose criteria are they
in need anyway) only.  If you have arguments
to the contrary, I welcome them and feel that
many on this list might benefit from them,
because it would be beyond my understanding
of the point of bridges, and perhaps other's


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