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Re: any rough stats on bridges ?

Neither.  If you have a selective way of telling
people you deem "in the need", than you meet my
criteria.  It would likely be hard for us all to
meet that criteria though, I don't.  You may tell
me that you can help me, but then I have to trust
you, which doesn't really make too much sense. 

And a general mechanism to do this seems
impossible, doesn't it?  How can you keep a
secret while telling it to the world.

Any newcomers to tor who cannot understand the
implications of when they should or should not
be running a bridge are unlikely to understand
the nuances of distributing a secret to those
"in the need" (and by whose criteria are they
in need anyway) only.  If you have arguments
to the contrary, I welcome them and feel that
many on this list might benefit from them,
because it would be beyond my understanding
of the point of bridges, and perhaps other's

The project currently has a method of distributing bridges to anyone who asks. Individual requesters are given only a select number of addresses. If a 'clueless' user sets their tor as a bridge, their bridge gets added to the (secret) bridge directory, and handed out from time to time.. Please see https://www.torproject.org/bridges for more information.