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Re: Kaspersky wants to make Tor illegal and supports a globalized policed internet.

     On Wed, 21 Oct 2009 09:09:27 -0400 Flamsmark <flamsmark@xxxxxxxxx>
>2009/10/21 Eugen Leitl <eugen@xxxxxxxxx>
>> On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 08:35:10AM -0400, Flamsmark wrote:
>> > I don't really want to stretch this analogy too far, and I certainly
>> don't
>> > think that it's reasonable to compare people who obtain, share and
>> > distribute media in ways often suggested to violate local laws; with an
>> > organised group of armed political activists/terrorists who killed many
>> in
>> > bombings. Nonetheless, wouldn't Piratpartiet already be the Sinn Fein
>> > (completely legitimate political arm) to the massive group of sometimes
>> > self-identified pirates (the legally dubious underground organisation)?
>> Spoken as a Pirate Party member, that's pure slander.
>> Among its many goals, Pirate Party does not want to abolish copyright
>> altogether.
>> However, it definitely wants to change the current status quo, which is
>> unacceptable, and hurts both the artists/content producers and consumers.
>I don't think that Sinn Fein enjoyed the death and fear that was the result
>of IRA actions either. However, they shared a belief in a more unified
>Ireland, much as 'pirates' and Piratpartiet share a belief in more
>reasonable copyright laws, and execution, as well as a variety of other
>electronic and surveillance freedom issues. If you think that what I said
>was slanderous, you may be interpreting more of a normative view than I was
>trying to espouse.
     Is this still about tor?  Or has it strayed enough that it should depart
this list for more appropriate fora?

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