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Re: Kaspersky wants to make Tor illegal and supports a globalized policed internet.

Kyle Williams wrote:
> People who seek to control society fear society having anonymity, for
> it's with anonymity that society can stand up against corruption of
> the state when it occurs.  The latest Iran election and the actions
> that followed are a great example of this, and it's was technology
> such as Tor that helped them get the truth out about what was being
> done.  When was the last time a trojan horse or virus helped a country
> regain liberty or help bypass censorship?  To treat Tor as such
> malware is down right insulting to people's rights everywhere.
> Normally I would never think about the following, but as a developer,
> I'm weighing the idea of detecting, disabling, and/or deleting
> Kaspersky before installing any of the projects I work on.  Such
> action should be brought to the users attention, and the action to do
> something about it should be evoked by the user.  However, if
> Kaspersky does go too far and labels Tor as malware, you can be damn
> sure JanusVM, *maybe* Tor VM, and Chromium Browser VM will take
> automated action to prevent itself from being attacked by Kaspersky
> products, and will do so in a very harsh way.
> Something worth noting, today's A/V solutions do not scan inside
> virtual machines and would not be able to detect Tor easily.  Use
> encryption with the VM and it'll be impossible for any A/V product to
> scan the data inside.  If you use an external anonymity device like
> januspa or a linux router + Tor, then you would not feel the affects
> of bad A/V software against your anonymity.
> Personally, I will be encouraging everyone I know to stay as far away
> from this company and their products simply out of principle at this
> point.  I had no problem with Kaspersky until I read this.  If
> Kaspersky is going to treat non malicious software as malware, then we
> might as well treat their software with the same regard.
> Spread the word, Kaspersky Labs is not a friend of Tor.
> Best regards,
> Kyle
> "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do
> nothing." - Edmund Burke
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Very thanks for this information.
I think that A/V is a big shit so as an antivirus product and as the
above causes.
But that problem is more than that "bla-bla-bla" from Mr. Kaspersky.
Mr. Kaspersky is only a dirty prostitute of the bloody new Russian
Putin's and Medvedev's dictatorial regim.
His words about fighting anonimity and the Tor is only executing of
instructions of Putin's satraps.
Some weeks ago Mr. Nurgaliev, the chief of the criminal organization
"the Ministry of Interior of Russia" the real functions of which is like
of functions the nazi SS, told such words.
And after Mr. Kaspersky such words conserning ban the anonimity are told
by a representative of the Russian Orthodox Church - the orqanizations
of extreme yahooism, which also prositute for the Putin's bloody
I want that the World will know that the regim of Putin and Medvedev is
the bloodiest tyranical regim last centuries, like the Hitler's regim or
exen worse.
Now there are many people arested, disappered or simply killed without
any proceedings in Russia.
There are no independent just court in Russia, all courts stamp
decisions needed for this regim against honest people.
Only one wishing to eat in hunger Russia, only trying to earn for eating
and only one word  against Putin, Medvedev or members ot their band
named "United Russia" (/Edinaya Rossiya) /now consider by Putin's 
terrible inquisition as a crime and as a ground for an arrest, an
imprisonment or simply for a murder of such "dissident".
Two weaks ago in Moscow the bloody Putin's secret police arrested a
young girl about 20 years for only her writing in internet-forums and
detain her in terrible Putin's torture chambers.
It is very terrible to live in Russia this days!
I am afraid that this speeching of Nurgaliev, Kaspersky and of a cleric
may be a preparation for establishing of criminal ban of using Tor an etc.
As you know, for the fighting with anonimity they establsih that from 1
October 2009 a person wanted to purshase a domain name in the "ru" zone
must submit his passport!!!
And all the world is silent for this tyrannical  innovation...

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