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Re: Kaspersky wants to make Tor illegal


> But that problem is more than that "bla-bla-bla" from Mr. Kaspersky.
> Mr. Kaspersky is only a dirty prostitute of the bloody new Russian
> Putin's and Medvedev's dictatorial regim.
> His words about fighting anonimity and the Tor is only executing of
> instructions of Putin's satraps.

I think, fighting again anonymity is not a specific russian or chinese
problem. IP traceback is under development for years....

In Germany our old minister of justice (Zypires) gives her vision of a
new internet, which contains a unique address (IPv6?) for every user.
The new electronic personal document (ePA) may get a key role for access
to the web. Only by authentication with a personal document you will be
able to connect to the internet....  Time for realization are 5 years
(in her opinion). (???)

Step-by-Step more and more people gives such advices for an internet
without anonymity to increase the "security". But only the same few
people are speaking about the human rights of private communications and
the reasons for it. :-(

Karsten N.
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