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Re: [tor-talk] Hidden Services - Access control.

I think I can afford something else to this thread.

After re-reading the tor man page, I've found the following option:

SocksPolicy policy,policy,...

Being "policy" the same form as exit policies.

Since I can "reject" anyone but me, this will act as a kind of
a firewall for hidden services. Am I right ?

Finally, I think "Lunar" is right, the "HiddenServiceAuthorizeClient"
option might be useful for me. And yes, people might realize
of the existence of the hidden service, but they might not
use it.


On 10/03/2014 01:25 PM, coderman wrote:
> re: HiddenServiceAuthorizeClient
> this assumes you will never encounter an adversary relay (hsdir)
> intending to enumerate addresses.  a useful feature, but the intent is
> not to hide existence of hidden service addresses.
> best regards,
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