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[tor-talk] Physical Digital Encryption

Here's some thought I had.

Physical Digital Encryption

Listen not data to-
song a--30sec-45
song b--10sec-20 and 50-1:00
song c---.......
run through then
reorder as many ways as wanted data 
compression physical and encryption
audio speaker output--
software version....

Contained speaker and microphone
in device----
Reduce network data and encrypt network.
Custom microphone only certain frequencies to receive
or speaker.

Same with other hardware
wireless other.

No sending data for info.
Send references to songs/video other.

Video reference 16x16+/-grid
Part of video, section data, 
pixel encryption physical or digital only.
Physical-custom screen per pixel color calibration
--recorder behind screen+hardware.

Secondary smaller device that does that.

Tor+this+offline/email/other already
encrypted means of this(key/other.)

Create site from info on webpage/video/audio/text/html/other.
Creation by same means other possible sudo
webpages/other so if decrypted just as likely
to be that as any other......

Multi webpage compression one set data 
being none.

Put data like this every website online---
In a post/other text+website background color+
To view--- the data from each site can
be used to create any web page.
Data can be pulled from any set site(s) pages/posts/other.
Reduce visits to any one site.

Data not necessarily online?
Create key that will
create data if key+any certain site(s) visited.

Main key. General keys per info.

Create network on top of websites/web for 
directions and browsing.
Yahoo.com home certain variables.. constant/other
combined to create search tool/anything.

Done on persons system through software or
Second system never online.
Usb/other- No physical contact transfer data to 
custom system next to system.
A copy of webpages/other transferred... 
No wireless card/other isolated system.

Could track systems that transfer webpages usb--- not the normal.
Fully Picture/Video/Document based transfers.
Based off 1,0 in picture/video/text/program/other.

One custom picture with algorithm(sets of 1,0 passes,combinations,other)(+hex/other) contain all knowledge on web. Run in patterns on image=from any image modified or not.
Multiple images same output.

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