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[tor-talk] [Reminder] Social research on uses of TOR in Turkey

Thanks to those who replied to my previous appeal for help.

I am Uni of London researcher (Sociology - Goldsmiths, my website below
the signature) conducting a study of people's responses to Internet
censorship in Turkey during and after Twitter block in March 2014.

If you have a direct experience, a story, or some advice of how to
snow-ball this request please get in touch via PGP standard (my public
key is on default key server).

I am mostly interested in people's experience of using or helping others
using TOR as a means for circumventing censorship. How easy/difficult
ordinary users (that is, not experienced hackers) find it? Will they use
it again? What did they learn from this?

Many thanks again to those who already replied, I will share my article
on here when ready (before it gets sucked up by publishing copyright

Great stuff, the Source be with you!

Paolo Cardullo
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