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Re: [tor-talk] Tor and Google error / CAPTCHAs.

Jeremy Rand:
> Alec Muffett:
>> Irregardless of the political and privacy issues there are also technical
>>> benefits to using Tor for day to day traffic.
>> Totally.  So many people are fixated on "anonymity" and completely ignore
>> the end-to-end nature of Onion addressing, for instance.
>> It's a fantastic enabler of high-integrity communications. 
> I'm curious what the advantage is in this respect of .onion compared to
> using TLS with manual fingerprint verification.
> My best guess is that .onion has better usability today with current
> tools.  But it seems to me that it wouldn't be incredibly hard to
> produce a SOCKS proxy to support a ".tlsexplicit" TLD where the SOCKS
> proxy drops the connection to "www.google.com.<fingerprint>.tlsexplicit"
> if the server doesn't present a TLS cert that matches <fingerprint>.
> If we accept as a premise that location-anonymity isn't desired, and
> that all we want is the integrity/authencitity/encryption properties
> that .onion gives you, wouldn't .tlsexplicit be a lot more efficient and
> a lot less complex?
> Cheers,
> -Jeremy Rand

(I notice now the two rather unfortunate substrings of "tlsexplicit".
This was an unintentional example of why I shouldn't be allowed to name


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