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Re: [tor-talk] problems faced with tor browser

Andreas Krey wrote:
On Wed, 19 Oct 2016 23:13:05 +0000, Jim wrote:
You might want to give serious thought to whether you *really* want to
access your bank anonymously.

I like location-anonymous access - my banks don't need to know
where I am right now. I'm not anonymous to them - I need to
log in anyway.

In addition to an increased risk of a MITM attack already mentioned,

A very slight such - there is SSL. If not, run from your bank.

I chose my words carefully.  Everybody needs to asses the risk for
themselves. Some of us consider the CA system horribly broken.

some people (on this list but I don't have a citation handy) have reported having banks lock accounts in response to attempting to access them anonymously.

My banks per se never made problem (and why should they -
first I log in (and three failing attempts will lock up
the account (DoS anyone?)), and secondly for transactions
I also need a TAN device and my card.

Different banks behave differently.  The OP reported a different
experience from yours.

I was very careful to avoid telling the OP what decision to make.


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