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[tor-talk] Forward to Onion

Hi all,

I had this idea this morning. Would there be a way to automatically
forward a visitor using Tor to a .onion domain that a website might
host when they attempt to go to an external .com/etc site?

For example, you type in https://duckduckgo.com and either the website
or the browser forwards you to https://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion so you
have slightly better speed and are not at the mercy of a potentially
nosy exit node.

My thoughts are that a browser plugin could do this if the Tor Project
or the EFF were to sponsor it. It could also be done with javascript
but that would mean going to the website first thus using the exit node
at least once and also the hassle of using javascript (insecurities and

My questions: Is this a good idea? Would you implement that on your own
website? How could the safely be done?

Best Regards,
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