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Re: [tor-talk] Need a stable .onion address hosted by the Tor project.

x9p <tor@xxxxxxx> writes:

> Hi,
> I believe you should not trust just 1 .onion address, there are latency 
> problems, AS problems, circuit congestion, I believe much more.
> You should compile a list of different public .onion addresses hosted in 
> different AS/countries and try them in a round robin way.

Hm. That's not really true. An onion service should work regardless of
where it's hosted and that's the whole point (to provide
location-anonymity). If you had to use a different onion address based
on where it's hosted, then better stick to good ol' regular TCP/IP

"Latency problems, AS problems and circuit congestion" should not be
influenced too much by where the onion service is hosted. After all, you
have a 6 hop circuit to the onion service regardless of where it's
hosted, and that big circuit is probably the source of any issues.
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