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Re: [tor-talk] torstatus.blutmagie.de

Iain Learmonth:
> Hi,
> On 16/10/18 13:17, George wrote:
>> While metrics. continues to be a next step, I still find myself wishing
>> for the simple birds-eye view that your Tor Status provides.
> Can you provide some examples of things you can do with torstatus that
> you can't do with Tor Metrics' tools?
> Perhaps they are easy to implement.

Thanks Iain.

I think what you quoted above is the most important thing: the bird's
eye view. We are doing a number of diversity-related angles already
(https://torbsd.org/oostats.html) but that big-picture view that was the
default page of TorStatus always was a nice overview of the public network.

My point is not that metrics. isn't a huge step forward.... I think it's
a great tool and a massive improvement.



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