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Re: Wikipedia & Tor

I think --

The Wikipedia concept sets itself up for this problem.  The phrase
"anyone can edit" is both highlighted and hyperlinked at

I think it's up to that site to address its concerns, and until its
concept is more mature their only recourse might be to block Tor exit
nodes.  And that is their right!

As I understand, Tor was written to permit anonymous communication
between consenting parties.  Parties who negligently or, like Wikipedia,
intentionally do not authenticate their users consent nonetheless.  It's
not Tor's objective to force anyone into dialogs with unknown endpoints.

I don't think Tor operators should be any more concerned about
Wikipedia's "objections" and allegations of irresponsibility than those
of China, the FBI, or whoever.

Wikipedia's liberal editing policies cause more serious problems than
mere spam and vandalism.  At least those are obvious to casual readers! 
Some of their articles are riddled with bias and misinformation, often
intentionally written.

I am a big fan of Wikipedia--though I marvel that it works as smoothly
as it does--and I visit there to read just about every day.  I also
operate a Tor server with the default exit policy.  I don't argue with
myself as a proponent of both, and I hope those who are still sore about
this incompatibility will find some peace soon.