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Re: How can I know my IP address geted by the website?

Maybe Jeffery Statin's solution is a way that donnot need to request my public IP from public services.
But how can i get the realtime connection information as vidalia does?

On 9/12/07, coderman <coderman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 9/11/07, jeffery statin <jeffstatin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ...
> Run Vidalia and open "Network Map", look under
> "Connection" and click on the active circuit.  Then,
> in the box to the right scroll down and the last node
> is your current exit node.  The exit node's info
> (including IP) is listed.  This method is very easy.

this will provide the IP address the OR port for that node listens on.
this is frequently not the same as the IP the traffic exits from when
using that node.