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Re: I break the silence: My arrest

On 9/16/07, Ryan Wagner <starshadow10101@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> There's still the possibility that a server op is using their Tor node
> as a scapegoat and really is doing bad things (I don't mean to imply
> that's the case here). Even if the police know that their suspect is
> running a Tor node, what Tor is, and what it's used for, they're still
> going to investigate him. All we can hope for is that they'd be a bit
> nicer about it.

Actually one guy from the police exactly asked me: "Can you prove that
the traffic is really from Tor and someone else and not from your
pretending this was Tor traffic?"

F*ck! This is insane. If i'd be an evildoer I would use *every other*
exitnode, but not mine! Why should I use mine? There'd be a chance
that they kick down my door! I'd handcraft my torrc in a way to
blacklist my very own node.

And why on earth should I, as the suspect, prove myself unguilty in
that case? I can't!
There's a saying: "Innocent until proven guilty". And it's good that
way. I don't need to prove my innocense. THEY have to prove I'm

Never forget that. It's the law.

It's a stupid idea. Sorry. Bollocks.


"I am tired of all this sort of thing called science here... We have spent
millions in that sort of thing for the last few years, and it is time it
should be stopped."
 -- Simon Cameron, U.S. Senator, on the Smithsonian Institution, 1901.