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Re: Warning TorButton 1.1.7-alfa

     On Sun, 23 Sep 2007 06:47:17 -0400 force44@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>I upgraded to 1.1.7-alfa yesterday and saw that it is really a crap :(
>I used to manage my cookies, javacsript and history, MYSELF. Now trobutton wants to do all by itself, and the result is that:
>1- My history isn't cleared when I close Firefox, even when this option is selected in the Firefox options.
>2- Some websites that use javascript do not work with Tor. It is possible that I TRUST the CONTENT of a website, including scripts, BUT I want to use TOR to hide my IP. With torbutton this is a real hassle now.

     That kind of thing is only one of the reasons I do not use TorButton and
most likely never will.
>Will try to go back to an older version if it is still available online :((((( Torbutton is a GREAT extension but WHY hell does the author want to care of all together??? Maybe he should also include Firefox in the extension, and why not, Windows or a unix distribution??? really BAD now :((((

     (You have a bad case of linewrap there, friend. :-)
     You could also try FoxyProxy, which I have used in the past, or
SwitchProxy, which I prefer use now.  (I used FoxyProxy for a while at a time
when SwitchProxy stopped working.  But then FoxyProxy came out with a version
that didn't work, and I was afraid I might have to go with TorButton.  But
SwitchProxy returned to the rescue with a newer, working version.:-)  These
two are both more versatile than TorButton in the sense that they allow you
to configure as many different proxies as you like and to switch between them
at will.  Each proxy can, of course, be configured with addresses that bypass
proxies entirely, too.

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