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RE: Advanced traffic shaping with iptables?

> TOR with iptables, so I would get at least 10KiB/s but it could get all
> the bandwidth, that would be wasted (remember the Task-Manager for
> CPU-Usage-Priority, I need something like "low priority" for the
> bandwidth). Maybe someone has already built something like this as a
> shell script for example? Or maybe some links to good explained
> tutorials would be usefull as well. Any help to get this done is
> appreciated.
> Greetings, Linus
> PS: Or would this sort of dynamic bandwidth-offer harm the TOR-network
> in any way, could this make things sort of "unstable", especially for
> established and active routes?

Burst bandwidth wouldn't hurt the network.

If you want bandwidth shaping, I'd suggest using pf (Open/FreeBSD) for
traffic shaping.
iptables + tc never did the job for me and it's the reason I tried pf in the
first place.

Pf has incredibly legible syntax and reading the pf faq will get you up and
running in no time.