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Re: Set up a webproxy to TOR - tor-proxy.net

BlueStar88 schrieb:
>> or you may try the free SSL-service at
>> http://cert.startcom.org/
>> It is accepted by Mozilla browsers by default.
> "Wow", was my first thought, "a free certificate already integrated into
> current browsers", but where is the crux?
> What's about the StartCom-side private key generation issue?
> 	http://www.heise.de/english/newsticker/news/56808
> Tried yesterday, they're still doing it this way.
> Not the best approach, I think.

You may generate your own server request certificate on a Linux/Unix
system with OpenSSL. They will sign your request (ssl.csr), your privat
key (ssl.key) does not leave your computer.

  # openssl genrsa -des3 -out ssl.key 1024
  # openssl req -new -key ssl.key -out ssl.csr

Use the wizzard "without CSR generation":


Is this way ok for you?