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Re: Set up a webproxy to TOR - tor-proxy.net

TOR-Admin (gpfTOR1) schrieb:
> You may generate your own server request certificate on a Linux/Unix
> system with OpenSSL. They will sign your request (ssl.csr), your privat
> key (ssl.key) does not leave your computer.
>   # openssl genrsa -des3 -out ssl.key 1024
>   # openssl req -new -key ssl.key -out ssl.csr
> Use the wizzard "without CSR generation":
> https://cert.startcom.org/?app=101
> Is this way ok for you?

Yes, got that one later. The terms on that assistant were not clear to
me at the very first visits:

	"SSL Server Certificate (Without CSR generation)"

could be better termed by

	"Signing own/your Certificates (CSR)",

because the service actually does not provide the server certificate
itself by only signing yours.

This is the link to the assistant:


But thanks you very much for that tip! I'm currently on them trying to
get an IP based server certificate signed.



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