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Free SSL-Certificates from StartCom Ltd. (Was: Re: Set up a webproxy to TOR - tor-proxy.net)

TOR-Admin (gpfTOR1) schrieb:

> or you may try the free SSL-service at
> http://cert.startcom.org/
> It is accepted by Mozilla browsers by default.

Not anymore, since you have to integrate a so called "intermediate
certificates" in the servers and clients to fix an CA update issue:

"...On the 24th of December we updated our Intermediate CA certificates
and added a few needed extension to the original certificate. The public
key however did not change and all subscriber certificates are perfectly
valid. Please follow the instructions below to update your Intermediate
CA certificate..." [1]

They ease of use is not given anymore, not for the server admins (a less
point), nor for the users/visitors (a very bad point).


[1] http://cert.startcom.org/?app=131


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