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Re: Free SSL-Certificates from StartCom Ltd.

TOR-Admin (gpfTOR1) schrieb:

> The Intermediate CA certificates have not to be integrated in the
> clients, if the server admin has done a good job. (But I know, not all
> server admins have the hole certification chain in the configuration.)

You're right!

While testing this, I've made a mistake which lead me to that wrong
conclusion in my previous email:

I've placed *all* certs into *one* PEM file (ssl.key, ssl.crt, ca.crt,
ca-intermediate-server.crt and DH) assuming a smarter file usage by the
daemon and that was badly wrong!

The CA parts were simply not recognized!

These instructions are simple to follow by just reading them:


As server admin I'm trying to do a good job now! ;-)



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