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Re: When is the 'MyFamily' setting unnecessary?

On Sun, Sep 12, 2010 at 02:38:18PM +0200, tor_ml@xxxxxxxxx wrote 1.1K bytes in 31 lines about:
> If it is technically not necessary, because tor would never use certain  
> nodes in one circuit. I would understand people running >20 nodes that  
> do not use 'MyFamily'.

It's easy, put all 20 nodes in the MyFamily line and just use that line
for all 20 nodes.

> If there are certain rules I would stop asking people to set MyFamily if  
> one of these rules apply in the concrete scenario.
> So there are no rules beside the "/16 network" - rule?

Perhaps it depends on what you mean by "rule".  The /16 network
diversity is in the tor source code.  There are other proposals in the
mix for circuits to contain a unique AS and/or a unique continent per

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