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Re: When is the 'MyFamily' setting unnecessary?

On Sep 13, 2010, at 5:36 AM, Gregory Maxwell wrote:
Making families more scalable would also admit things like semi-public
families.  E.g. you could share a family key with all the node
operators in a common building. Detecting things like same network can
be done automatically with enough reliability, likewise for very
coarse geographies, but fine geographical configuration would take
manual intervention... I don't know if anyone would bother configuring
this, but it would be nice if the system scaled well enough to support

There are other neat things you could do. A node can suddenly start
belonging to more than one familty, so that I might put all my own
nodes in one family, and then that one node that another guy has
access too can be put in his family, too.

This all needs a solid design and a proposal, but I think if you
manage to build it in a way that is easy to set up for operators
this might have a chance in the future (obviously you'd need to
wait with actually using it until client versions that don't understand
it are obsolete, but that is just an argument for starting the proposal


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