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Re: [tor-talk] scaling .onion site?

> warms0x:
>> There's a couple of problems with this approach:
>> [...]
>>  * The amount of time required to negotiate an HTTP request being
>> proxied
>> from A.onion -> B.onion and then sending a request from B.onion ->
>> A.onion -> Client would very likely brush up against HTTP timeouts
>> (120s)
> I don't understand that concern. The client successfully connects to
> A.onion (without timeout) and will be redirected to B.onion using the
> browser redirection feature, also without timeout. It's similar to
> visiting one .onion site and click on another .onion link.

If you provided an HTTP redirect, that would work, but then I (as a
consumer) would be very suspicious of the site, redirecting from one
.onion to another is a little scary.

The statement was regarding HTTP proxying, which is what we were referring
to HAProxy doing for the multiple backend onions. In that case, the
A.onion would act as the front-end and *only* interaction point with the
client, the client would have no knowledge or exposure to the B and
C.onion sites.

- warms0x
xmpp: warms0x@xxxxxxxxxx
http: http://warms0x.github.com

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