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Re: [tor-talk] almost success toward complete tor enforcement, need little help now

> On Tue, 18 Sep 2012 13:32:43 +0000
> adrelanos <adrelanos@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> [Q] What is the iptables rule to redirect all 80 and 443 traffic through polipo 8118 port ? Then no configuration is
>>> required at browser level.
>> You don't need iptables for that. Tor is running on a Gateway. Tor
>> Browser without Tor/Vidalia started (patched startup script) is running
>> on another machine. (Which we call Workstation.)
> Many many thanks for your helpful information. I am interested to run tor in my own workstation,
> and force all packets through tor. How can I achieve this ?

Whonix is about explaining exactly this. Your own workstation.
Torification for anything and no IP/DNS leaks possible. (See security
page to see how difficult it is.)

The source code is essentially a collection of configuration files. (+
putting them all together unattended + distributing binary images
because there are so many configuration steps)


For example just go into the whonix_gateway folder. It contains all
configuration files. (Configuration files used on gateway and
workstation are in whonix_shared.)

If one understood the basic concept, anyone can use any operating system
to build anything selfmade...


> Is tor matured enough to replace ttdnsd,polipo,pdnsd etc ?

Tell me what you need any of these for?

ttdnsd? For what do you need it? DNS queries except "A". Show me the use
case. Just use Tor's DnsPort. What's wrong with it?

polipo? Needed for what?


Did you read that link? Just use Tor Browser to share the same look as
all other Tor Browser users. If you use some speedup configuration
(polipo) you look less like others and are therefore less anonymous.

pdnsd? Needed for what? Don't cache your DNS requests. Most people don't
do it. If you do it, you behave different and web servers might detect
that and therefore you're again, less anonymous.
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