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Re: [tor-talk] Hidden Services

>>> I've met some people who tell me they run a relay
>>> which records every hidden service descriptor. They don't
>>> tell me more than that.

>> As to being any specific relay [the RP?], not sure. But if so, the
>> domain view there is going to be narrow and slow going. Someone
>> who has read that part of the design could answer...

> You could try reading the comments in this discussion. Mean time to
> seeing an .onion descriptor on an HSDir relay is 8 days at present.

As I said three times already, you're up against 2^80 before you'll
be able to 'see' the plaintext descriptor on/from any HSDir. An
HSDir/RP/relay are all separate functions, don't cross the definitions.
I also said above what I've got around to reading or not regarding
confirming someone else's hearsay hint in this thread.
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