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[tor-talk] Fwd: [guardian-dev] first beta release Orfox!


What are the benefits [of various] permissions?

Nathan Freitas:
We are still working our way through all the permissions that Firefox
has/expects to have and seeing what we can remove easily. If you compare
to Firefox for Android, you can see we already have quite a few less.

Word. It seems that the standard minimum for a web browser is 'Full network access', 'Read the content of your USB storage', and 'Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage'. Have you scoped the preferences you might be including, if any?

is the 'read your Web bookmarks and history' a requirement for the
'New Private Tab' function, or does it provide other benefits?

Still sorting that out, but I think that permissions is for importing
old browser bookmarks into Firefox. I thought that one had been removed,
actually, again because we don't support/promote this feature in Orfox.

Will bookmarks be removed, given the limited functionality and their potential role in fingerprinting? Can they be (functionally, not technically)? Or can a dialog display a warning similar to browser resizing of current Tor Browser releases if they cannot?

Mostly we are trying to modify Firefox for Android in a way
we can easily maintain it, while still ensuring we disable all the
permissions/features that don't make sense.

This seems to be a popular model :)  Thanks for this!


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