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Re: [tor-talk] Tor-friendly email provider

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On 09/24/2016 06:53 AM, Oskar Wendel wrote:
> Joe Btfsplk:
>> I don't think GMX allows using Tor, but they don't offer anything
>>  special - as to privacy, security.  They're not a lot different
>> than most others - anymore.
> Hmm, I don't need extra privacy or security, a "normal" one would
> be enough :)
> Anyway, I noticed that bitmessage.ch allows creating a meaningful
> alias to give out to people, so I registered there, gave the
> address to some people I talk to with email and I'm currently
> testing it. Seems promising...
>> What is it about Riseup that you don't like?  Just curious.  I've
>> not used it, but most people seem to like it.
> Riseup silently drops email with certain words in the subject. I
> have notified them and I'm still waiting for the response.

Really? Please share what words trigger this. And I'll test. If you
prefer, you can email me off-list, encrypted. My key is on the SKS
servers, and at <https://keybase.io/mirimir>.

>> Unseen.is - located in Iceland is a more privacy conscious
>> provider. I've created an acct using TBB in the past.  They don't
>> - or didn't - keep logs or store messages after you delete them.
> Thanks, added to my "to do" list if bitmessage turns out to be
> unstable.
>> I'm not sure that independent testing of encrypton or software is
>> as relevant today, if - - avoiding state players is a main
>> concern. For protection against _non-government criminals_ (see
>> what I did there?), independent testing is important.
> Actually I'm more concerned with government criminals... but I hope
> that PGP encryption with a 4096-bit key will keep them away...
> because if not, then what else will?
> Thank you!
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